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CANON POINT: issue #7


Backtagging: Sure. I'm really slow most of the time myself so I'm more than okay with backtagging.
Threadhopping: Just make sure you're not jumping into anything private first, please.
Fourthwalling: Memes/crack only.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Nothing bad happening to kids. That's my only real line.


Hugging this character: He is not really into it and will probably stop you if you try, unless you're on really good terms.
Kissing this character: Super not into it in a casual sense. Will absolutely suspect you of ulterior motives for trying.
Flirting with this character: He wouldn't know what to do about it but you could give it a go. He'd assume you're up to something, though.
Fighting with this character: After four million years of war, Red is accustomed to fighting, but he doesn't really like it, so he'll try to avoid it or finish it as quickly as possible.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Cybertronians can take an obscene amount of punishment and still walk away. Red Alert himself has been decapitated and still managed to survive! Advantages of being a giant alien robot, I guess. So you pretty much HAVE to aim for grievous physical harm to incapacitate him. Just let's discuss anything crippling or permanent first, please.
Killing this character: I'm not opposed but I'd rather hash it out first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: He's not trained to resist it so if you feel you need to, you can, but he's intensely paranoid and things may get ugly if he finds out what you did.

Warnings: Red Alert is extremely paranoid and has been treated by a psychiatrist for it in the past; at his canon point, he's relapsing very badly. Please keep this in mind when you're dealing with him.

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